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Rock Painting on a Budget

The rock painting craze is well and truly under way. It’s now a world wide craze that’s getting communities closer together and it’s good fun! Firstly you find the Facebook group in your local area that has set up the challenge, mine is Heywood Rocks which is set up by the Heywood in Bloom team….

What’s on my Netflix?

I’ve replaced my party shoes with slippers and i thought you’d like an insight into what i’m watching on Netflix right now. (There are no spoilers in this post) My ‘continue watching for Rosaleen’ include: Mad Men (Season 7, episode 4) The advertising world in the 60’s and focused around the very cool Don Draper….

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

I’ve seen these gift guide blog posts before and I’ve always wanted to do one so this might lead to a gift guide for every holiday and here is the first! The 2017 Fathers Day Gift Guide (oooh how exciting) For the Foodie The Carnivore Club -Starts from £29   The whole reason for this blog…

BAKE: Crème Egg Scotch Eggs

  First let me start off by saying wow that was not easy! Right now I am full of chocolate, cuts (I grated my thumb, ouch) and lets face it I’m on my second glass of the red stuff and I’m not talking about Vimto. It snowed this morning so my plans went out the window, not being…

BAKE: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red? mine are more on the brown side due to my love of cocoa, a whole tube of red food colouring could not make these cakes red. I’m half tempted to rock up to a Café Nero and ask for their recipe. Have you seen theirs? #CakeGoals   This cake is traditionally a Valentines Day treat…

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